Bye Bye Latte, Hello Guayusa

Bye Bye Latté, Hello Guayusa: Why The Amazon Holds the Secret to a Cleaner, Healthier Caffeine Grown in the jungle by the indigenous Kichwa, guayusa (gwhy-you-sa) is a sacred leaf used in ceremonial rituals. This clean source of caffeine is the next noble, and healthy, substitute for your daily cup of coffee. Brandon Presser 08.29.14 […]

Guayusa the New Coffee

Guayusa – A Health Boosting Coffee Alternative Coffee’s Allure Not many of us can say no to the allure of waking up to a piping hot, steaming cup of coffee. The aroma, the comfort… coffee becomes more than a beverage. For some of us, it becomes a ceremony, a ritual. If you have problems getting […]